My 20’s were guided by the lyrics of The Notorious BIG, Jay-Z and even Puffy, My goals were shallow, make money during the day, hit the bars and clubs at night, wash, rinse, repeat and in my eyes any firm that got in the way of those goals was the wrong firm. Loyalty? Wall Street ain’t loyal. Read the rest of this entry »

As I kissed Corey goodbye for the day I whispered “Mommy will see you soon”, he was in a mood that day and wouldn’t let me go and get on the bus. I guess he sensed what I did, this would be Mommy’s last day at the place that has brought her so much pain, stress and anger over the last two years. The walk to the train station wasn’t the same, it was peaceful because I had already prepared myself for the inevitable…The plan I laid in motion was FINALLY about to take off. Read the rest of this entry »

Or Lack Thereof

When you enter corporate America there are certain things you sign up for, health insurance (hopefully not a crappy one), higher salaries and a yearly bonus. In the 16 years I’ve been on the street I’ve always received a fair assessment of my work and in turn a bonus. Even if the bonus wasn’t always what I expected, given the climate of the market the excellent feedback on my work was enough to keep me motivated. UNTIL this year.  Read the rest of this entry »


Last week one of my friends made the huge decision and left the firm for greener pasture. She’d been at the firm for 7 years and though vocal about her issues to management she, like many other saw no evidence of any substantial change. This is a sentiment that has been echoed by other women in my firm (myself included). So when she hit me up to meet in our cozy enclave and let me know she was leaving, I was excited for her and hopeful that this would be the opportunity to get our concerns out. We spent so much time discussing the key points to the changes, and fine tuned them to the point that only a blind man couldn’t see what was wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

My Boys

Like most of America I’ve been watching, crying and praying about the George Zimmerman trial. Sometimes I think the amount of time I invested in watching it was crazy, but I needed to see the outcome.  Read the rest of this entry »

The very first question every parent gets when there is a new addition to the family, “Who does s/he look like?” I usually answer that they look like both of us but there is always one reason who will disagree (annoying).

This time around every woman I know said Le Munchkin looks like his dad, while every man I know said he looks like me. Well I’m here to say the men were right! Look at this kid, he’s all me!! It helps that my husband agrees. LOL


One June 2, 2013 I had the pleasure of attending the Brooklyn Baby Expo hosted by the fabulous ladies of A Child Grows in Brooklyn. Along with my two little ones I took the trip to my home of Brooklyn and oh my goodness, we have a great time! As soon as we stepped through the doors we were greeted by amazing vendors. Read the rest of this entry »

In the last month CJ and I have used music to get up and go in the morning. I usually opt for a Machel Montana’s “Pump Yu Flag” because look it’s all about jumping and moving. Click the link, you’ll see for yourself. If all you can focus on is not knowing what he is saying then you’re probably dead, LOL. Read the rest of this entry »

Last night when I got home, I was greeted by a note from my son’s teacher about how he is not making good decisions. In her note, she defined “good decisions” as the ability to sit in his seat, raise his hand things of that nature. I read the note several times before speaking with my husband to get his thoughts. Just as I suspected he thought two things:

1. CJ was being singled out.
2. We need to be harder on him when it comes to school. Read the rest of this entry »


C.J is blessed to have both his maternal and paternal Grandmothers as well as a Great-Grandmother. The Mr. and I would be lost without them. They nag us, they sometimes yell, but we know it’s all out of love (and their crazy need to control). Now that all the niceties are out of the way, I have a theory about grandmothers.

My Theory: Once mother’s become Grandmothers they become liars.

YEP I said it, LIARS. Some like to say selective memory, but that’s just being nice. My Mom has such “selective memory” that sometimes I have to check in with my siblings to make sure I’m not crazy. This all hit me a few weeks ago when I spoke to her about teaching C.J. how to count and identify coins. I decided to get rolls of coins so he could learn to count—a roll pennies to start. He’d have to count to 50 to complete a roll. This would help him identify the coin, how many make 50 cents and most importantly, this activity would keep him busy. Win, Win,Win and for every roll he finished he could keep and deposit it into his account. Genius right? Well I can’t take the credit for it because my mom made us do it when we were kids. I hate coins to this very day because of this chore. The smell of pennies make me want to gag. I do believe some of my fiscal responsibility comes from having done this.

After deciding to share this with my son I called my mom. I was sure she’d be beaming with pride because I remembered this and wanted to do it with my son. But BOY WAS I WRONG! Not only was she upset, she went on and on about how unnecessary it was, and why would I have him waste time when he could just go to TD bank and dump his change for free. When I protested and said we did it she screamed, “No, you did not, Ra stop making things up,” I was flabbergasted! I made up some excuse about having to go because I was questioning my reality.

Did she really not make me do this? Am I repressing some weird memory. I immediately called my older sister, who could barely hold the phone she was laughing so hard. When she settled down she confirmed that YES my mom had us roll coins and I wasn’t going crazy. Thank God I’m not an only child because i could have ended up in the looney bin over this one. LOL!!

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